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This page contains information on how to edit/update this wiki. For questions relating to editing a Doku-Wiki site in general, please look first in the Doku-Wiki manual. If you have already carefully read this page and you still cannot find the answer to your question, then you may contact us here.

Uploading files

To upload a picture/movie/simulation file, click on the “Media Manager” link at the top of this page. For neatness, it would be good to store data files inside the “:data” namespace (see the subdirectory on the left after clicking on the media manager). Once a file is uploaded, you can link to it like this:


which produces: test.dat

For very large files of the order >1 GB in size, upload is likely to fail. In this case, please contact Justin Read for upload instructions. Large files will appear in the


namespace that can be accessed from the media manager.

Editing the "sidebar"

To add to or edit the links that appear on the left, just type “sidebar” into the search box at the top of this page. The “sidebar” page can be edited just like any normal page, but it contains the content that appears on the left of every page.

Adding LaTeX

The following code:

    $\frac{3}{4 \pi}\sqrt{x^2 + 6}$

Produces this:


  $\frac{3}{4\pi}\sqrt{x^2 + 6}$


Polling users

This is a feature that allows you to poll users to see what they think of something. This first option allows one vote per user. Users need to be logged in to vote and they can change their mind. The following code:

<userpoll How do you like this new site?>
  * awesome
  * great
  * good
  * fantastic

produces this:

<userpoll How do you like this new site?>

  • awesome
  • great
  • good
  • fantastic



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