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Discs and Extinction Map

These mock data are designed to mimic the Milky Way disc - either locally or globally. Key questions include, for the local problem:

(1) What quality of data are required to determine the local dark matter density? (2) Do multiple populations (e.g. split by abundance/age) help? (3) Is 1D modelling sufficient?

And for the global problem:

(1) Can global models simultaneously recover the disc phase space distribution function and the gravitational potential? (2) What are the key degeneracies in the problem and how can these be broken?

If posting new tests, please try to approximately follow the template set out for the “spherical collisionless tests” here.

Key working group coordinator: Daisuke Kawata


Hunt & Kawata challenges for 2015

Can you recover V_LSR=218.4 km/s and (U,V,W)=(11,12,7) km/s from M0III tracers from:

  1. A featureless axisymmetric disc galaxy without extinction or error?
  2. The same galaxy with dust extinction added? - Cut at V<20.2714 mag (~G=20 mag)
  3. The same galaxy with dust extinction and Gaia like errors added?
Model <latex>N</latex> Data file
Full data 5,999,999 1.dat.gz
With extinction 2,372,335 2.dat.gz
With extinction & error 2,372,335 3.dat.gz

All in the format: alpha (radians), delta (radians), parallax (arc second), mu-alpha (as/yr), mu-delta (as/yr), radial velocity (km/s), x (kpc), y (kpc), z (kpc), vx (km/s), vy (km/s), vz (km/s), mass (10^12 solar masses), V, V-I.

(x,y,z,vx,vy,vz galactocentric, for checking purposes only!)

The observer is assumed at (-8,0) kpc


Gaia errors code September 2015

The code has been updated to compute the astrometric and photometric errors for a fraction of the operation data.

The mock data suite

Local models/mocks

Global models with known background potential


  • Summary Talk of Disc Working Group at Gaia Challenge 2015 (Barcelona) Summary 2015
  • Summary Talk of Disc Working Group at Gaia Challenge 2014 (Heidelberg) Summary 2014
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