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Publication policy

Our current publication policy for Gaia Challenge is as follows:

  • Each of the main test suites will be published separately (3-4 papers), including a description of the test data and the results from the different techniques. There will be a strict deadline for the papers (to be decided); only participants who have completed the tests in time will be included. The lead author for each paper will need to be decided by each test sub-group, but should be the person who is leading that particular test. Co-authorship will be granted to anyone who has participated in running or setting up the test(s), and to the Gaia Challenge main coordinators.
  • Future publications can freely use the Gaia Challenge data products, but must reference this wiki, the relevant test paper(s), and any other references as required by the authors of each test. These latter requirements should be spelled out on the appropriate test page (for example: “If using the spherical/triaxial test suite, please cite Joe Bloggs et al. 2012”).
  • Any improvements or amendments to Gaia Challenge tests that use or build on Gaia Challenge data products must be made available to the community through this wiki.
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