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Active participants: Ian Claydon, Mark Gieles, Vincent Henault-Brunet, Miklos Peuten, Anna Lisa Varri, Laura Watkins, Alice Zocchi.

Goals/projects for GC III workshop

A. Method comparison (a.k.a. Challenge #4):

For this Challenge, initiated in GC III in Barcelona, we decided to compare fitting methods

  1. Jeans modelling (Laura)
  2. Single mass DF modelling (Alice)
  3. Multimass DF modelling (Miklos, Mark)

Results can go here

B. Understanding Gaia errors:

What will Gaia actually give us (for GCs, open clusters, runaway stars, hypervelocity stars)? What can we do with TGAS?

C. Potential escapers:

a) quantify biases from ignoring them

b) towards self-consistent mixture models with potential escapers

D. Rotation:

include prescription for rotation in multi-mass DF models.

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