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The purpose of these mocks is to test how well a Jeans analysis, a slope analysis (WP2011), or a combination of both, does at recovering the input parameters used to generate the mocks, specially the axion mass.

All the data files provided consist of 6 columns: x,y,z,vx,vy,vz. Coordinates are given in kpc, and velocities in Km/s.

Each Mock file contains two galaxy-like mocks, Fornax (for) and Sculptor (scl).

The details on all the parameters, as well as on the model, used to produce the mocks can be found in These mocks were used to produce figures 3-6 therein.


Name Axion Mass Galaxy# SubPopData file
Mock_1a 2.44e-22 eVFornax &
Mock_1 2.44e-22 eV Fornax &
Mock_2 0.79e-22 eV Fornax &
Mock_3 0.46e-22 eV Fornax &
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