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Triaxial models

The purpose of these models is to facilitate the testing of mass modelling algorithms on non-spherical stellar systems. It is valuable to know how a particular algorithm will perform when presented with observed data which do not satisfy the underlying symmetry assumptions of the algorithm. Full details of the mock data and how to use them are included in the data file tar bundle.

Note that by default you should model the full projected data files with the 2km/s velocity errors

FULL DATA FILES: gaiachallengetriaxial.tar.gz

PROJECTED DATA FILES (to be used for tests) :

StarsInCoreX.tar StarsInCoreY.tar StarsInCoreZ.tar StarsInCoreI.tar

StarsInCuspX.tar StarsInCuspY.tar StarsInCuspZ.tar StarsInCuspI.tar

The above data files are the same as the projected data files in the full .tar bundle above with columns x(kpc) y(kpc) R(kpc) vlos(km/s) vloserr(km/s) and vlos_without_errors(km/s) along a given projection. The only difference is that the above have been downsampled from 200,000 stars to 1×10,000; 5×1000; and 10×100 stars as for the spherical test suite.

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